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We are the "zoodroom" collection.

 The set that came up with the idea in the fall and became more mature and mature after the work began.

We strive for a "better experience than business travel" because it is often the time of our travelers and those around us that we can book a cheap accommodation with good facilities and travel less costly.

In the early stages, we added a number of guest suites to the "Zdrom" collection, furnished the rooms with the help of various Zdrom teams, and presented online.

 We then added one- and two-star hotels to the complex so we could cover a broader level of tastes and expectations.

 With the addition of various types of accommodation to the complex, zoodroom was able to accommodate a large number of domestic and foreign travelers with different needs.

 That led us to become more targeted.

As long as we were working at zoodroom to expand the room chain according to the demands of different segments of society, we were able to provide a standard framework for trusting and improving the service.

Standards guaranteeing services such as: Free Internet, Free Console, Online Payment, Lowest Price and more.