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The initial thought of launching Zenbil online store dates back to years 1 and 2, which was delayed until year 3 due to the lack of infrastructure in the country.

From years 1 to 4, undergraduate studies and analysis of the internet sales market in the country, and finally, in year 2, the first executive step on the road to launch Zenbil online store.

Highlights of the series were bringing together an experienced, well-known IT team and a leading team in the field of economics and marketing.

 After launching the company, the company launched the Zanbil online store website in June of this year.

 From the beginning, the strategy of Honeybee Managers was to create the most advantage for customers and provide them with maximum satisfaction They saw their success solely on the satisfaction of their customers because they were aware that in today's world of advanced communications and expanding social networks, customer satisfaction would be their only win, and so they tried to spend large amounts of money on advertising , Focus and budget on maximizing customer satisfaction.. 

Low-cost and low-margin product offerings, high-end product variety, high quality and well-known brands with guaranteed guarantees, fast and free shipping even on bulky items (such as side-by-side refrigerators), Launching a website with complete and user-friendly technical facilities for ease of use by customers, multiple delivery methods for customers to choose from, an intelligent order tracking system along with other unique features that will be provided by this store to ensure customer satisfaction over time. , Represents a new approach among Internet stores Is.