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Established in 2012, TPConnects is the new generation travel booking and distribution solution: an innovative cloud based travel booking and distribution platform for airlines, travel agencies, online travel agencies and tour operators with a merchandising engine. 

TPConnects is one of the first distribution platforms to receive dual Level 3 (highest level within the system with end-to-end) certifications from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

. IATA certified that TPConnects as an IT Vendor is capable of offering NDC products and services for airlines, travel agencies and other distributors and as an Aggregator, TPConnects can consume and deploy NDC APIs deployed by any airline for the latest PADIS Publication 15.2 Schemas TPConnects is a values-based company driven by the mission “Shaping the future of travel distribution.

” TPConnects assist airlines to retail travel products, deliver rich content, bundle offers and provide consumers with the ability to create their own offers–choosing services like hotels, activities and enable travel agents to search, compare and sell travel products using their own credentials from suppliers.