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The web site, with the aim of presenting a true picture of the business environment in the field of technology in Iran and the world, has been active since the beginning of the year and considers the most accurate and comprehensive presentation of the achievements of Iranian entrepreneurs and mobile and application activists.

The increasing demand as well as the massive number of offers related to the use of specific applications in user-related domains have made the choice of users a little more difficult than before.

For this reason, the panevesht website seeks to help its users by presenting the best choices to their users by understanding people's tastes on the one hand, and by supporting the products of local companies and developers to promote the culture of using native apps. Have.

Now has the opportunity to use footnote studio space to introduce your app in the form of video interviews, tutorials on how to use apps and publish it in infrastructure such as panevesht website, web site we see, telegram channels and panevesht and other social networks, under integrated management AtiTendis Lian (Private Limited) is provided to you free of charge to work together to introduce the best native technology applications and products to develop a user-friendly culture.