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Due to the growing popularity of YouTube video sites, youtube today has over a billion users worldwide. In fact, with this volume the youtube user is ranked as the second most visited site or the third most powerful search engine in the world.

YouTube is definitely the top video sharing platform out of the reach of many Iranian users due to filtering. Filtering, however, should not be a reason for us to stay away from this sea of science and entertainment. The purpose of this site is to meet the need to share video with Iranian users in a safe environment.

If you are new to this platform, Nashrin provides a platform for users to search their favorite videos from the most popular youtube channels in an Iranian-backed space, and view them easily and at high speed without the need for filter breakers. .

Due to the immense number of videos, it is impossible to assemble all the videos so the top YouTube channels are selected by the management on the basis of attractiveness, quality and subject matter and are transmitted to the platform by a smart video link.