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Kikojas, a product of Sidar Studio, is a map-based, open-source urban database service. This means that all users can contribute to the development and up-to-date information - such as Wikipedia.

Kikojas defines more than 5 different subject categories. From businesses in a city (including restaurants, banks, schools, boutiques, shops, etc.) to places of interest (such as parks, cinemas, museums, etc.). ), Or passages (including streets, squares, alleys, highways, etc.). In short, any kind of information you may need about your city.

By using "Kajas" you will be able to find out, for example, the nearest bakery, shopping center, police station +5, gas station, bank, parking lot or any other place around you. You can even see how close you are to the nearest metro or bus stop and whether you can use public transport to get there.