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Idearun Studios Startup was founded in 2007 and Over the years it has become an international and successful collection Works with entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to develop products and startups.

Idearun has played a significant role in the software export industry in recent years And in collaboration with the country's innovative teams, to export the country's software productsIn more than 5 countries.

We are not an accelerator, a growth center or an investment company. We are a startup studio where we invest our resources and services on our startups To help them grow.

 Idearrun Studios starts with a vision of growing startups And with over five years of experience in product design and marketing, marketing Support and customer orientation Able to provide optimal growth techniques And developing domestic and international startups. 

Idearun team with entrepreneurs, Investors and professionals are helping startups grow all over the world. 

We focus on providing technical and strategic solutions to launch and assist startups Especially at the growth stage, we are working together to create a growth platform for our colleagues.

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