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In year 9, a number of students from the Sharif University of Technology, who were members of the Young Scholars Club, decided to go against the migration flow that was intensifying in those days.

They dreamed of launching a large, international technology complex to shape and work with their own hands to persuade even their friends who had left the country to leave the country.

The first step was taken with the registration of Hasin  Qeshm Fan Afrin Company.

 The three-man team became a six-man team.

Although very tough, he was able to gradually prove his worth to the more experienced.

People need big ideas and aspirations to do great things, and Hussain knew very well that the most important asset he needed to make the most of it was human capital.

Little by little, those with the same ideas and aspirations to build added to the hassle, each bringing with it its own.

They were able to be among the top 5 percent, not only staying true over the years, but also expanding their business every day.

Hasin's family now has more than four hundred members after fifteen years, and more than half of the country's population has been directly and indirectly benefited by Hasin's services.