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Fiza is a bridge between leading Turkish and European garment manufacturers and buyers in Iran. Established since 2013 as an Online Sales Agent of Authentic Turkish Brands in Iran with headings in various chapters of different models of clothing and apparel, bags and shoes, kitchen appliances and home appliances, bedroom accessories and cosmetics. 

More than 100 customers are pioneers of online apparel sales in Iran. 

Fiza has always strived to provide Iranians with a comfortable and fast use of Islamic fashion in accordance with Iranian culture.

 One of Fisza's goals for customer satisfaction is the wide variety of products (over 20,000 products) from world-renowned brands including LC Wakiki, Defacto, Koton, Adidas, Nike ( Nike), Zara, Modanisa, Trendyol and many more as well as prestigious Iranian brands including Mashhad leather, Dorsa leather and ..

.And T-Shirts, Men's Shirts & Shirts, Women's Dresses Models, Men's Sweatshirts, Lee Pants, Jeans, Underwear & Comfort, Sport & Dress Shoes & Comforts such as Cotton & Ladies' Shoes, Women's Sarafan, Clothes Great for women and even all types of baby boy, girl, baby, etc. at auction prices.