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The Finnova Innovation Center is one of the players in Iran's entrepreneurial ecosystem It started its activities in 2015 with the launch of Iran's first collaborative workspace. 

With the support of startups, this center created the groundwork Entrepreneurs take advantage of synergy, learning and networking opportunities By this point, they will have a better chance of growing and attracting the capital they need

   Streamlining the entrepreneurial ecosystem, discovering talent, introducing expert and expert forces to startups and organizations, Training and consulting, investing in powerful startups and ultimately the growth and development of Fintech in Iran is one of the goals of FinovaFinovaba specializes in event-driven efforts to expand entrepreneurship and meet startups' human resources needs.

. The Center has been activating its venture capital sector by investing in startups since 1986.And with the launch of Accelerator in the winter of 96, he completed the Entrepreneurship Support Chain.