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Fanap's primary mission was initially to design and develop an indigenous Iranian banking solution based on the expertise and knowledge of the day-to-day Iranian youth, which was accomplished by the grace of God.

Following this success, Fanap expanded its activities in the IT industry by providing comprehensive financial solutions, comprehensive insurance solutions, stock exchange and financial transaction management and processing, which is now part of the country's largest private and public banks, agencies and ministries and financial institutions. Credit, insurance companies and stock brokers are using and exploiting them.

Developing and implementing a smart transport solution based on infrared cameras and speedometers was Fanap's  first experience in the non-financial and banking sectors, and continued to provide value-added content services and pay-per-view mobile platforms. The fixed telecommunications operator has been instrumental in different parts of the ICT value chain.

 Launching the country's first Internet television, designing and implementing a comprehensive enterprise and industry solution within the country's largest software project, and launching the Innovation and Acceleration Business Startup Center has been another part of the FENAP Group's achievements to date.