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Advertising is the most important part of branding and attracting new customers, and of course today's internet advertising is a cost-effective and effective method of advancing branding policies and attracting new audiences and customers.

Due to the increasing need of companies for online advertising and of course the vacancy of high quality internet advertising services in Iran, the agency was founded in 2015, relying on experts in this field.

Paying attention to quality, inclusive, reliable and customer-centric services is Adnegah's most important feature that distinguishes the company from other competitors in the domestic market.

Adnegah, as one of the subsidiaries of Rahdad Creative Company, offers a variety of online and digital marketing services including design and consulting of online advertising services, banner, content, video and mobile app advertising, design and development of landing pages. And the website is SEO friendly, and online marketing with the help of email publishing.

Advertisers can use Adnegah Services to accurately introduce their products and services to their target customers or identify their brand to the target user community.