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Have you ever been to learn a new skill that you could do, get a job, or do a project, between classes and books and CDs that you can't really know what content they have and how confused I am with one be?

Yes, we have already drawn this confusion ourselves. The disadvantage is that these university courses, these theory classes and books do not really prepare one for real-world work.

 In many disciplines, especially those dealing with computers, software, and professional languages, these "lessons" are far from the skill required to do the job.

 And here we are. The young and energetic faranesh team we came to change this way of bridging the gap between the university and the job market.

To find people who have the skills and the skills to pass on their skills to others. To make it a great way for anyone to experience real-time, high-quality learning without having to attend expensive classes and heavy books, and learn the skills they need in life and work, and that The people of the profession can also teach their knowledge to users and make good money.