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The formation of the bank was first proposed in 1258 AH (1296 AH) ten years before the establishment of the royal bank by Haj Mohammad Hassan Amin Dar al-Darb, one of the great traders of Tehran, to Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar.

On November 23, 1285, Mirza Abolqasim Nasser al-Molk, Minister of Finance of the then Mozaffar al-Din Shah, was present in the National Assembly.

On 9 December of that year, the delegates agreed to establish a bank that could benefit the country and with people's deposits in favor of the country and the working people.

 It has been 90 years since the prestigious establishment of the National Bank of Iran. Currently, there are more than 3054 active branches in the country, 15 active branches and 4 subsidiaries abroad and 181 offices, making the bank one of the strongest financial institutions in Iran even in the world.

(Branch Distribution Table nationwide) The National Bank of Iran is now ready to serve the nation with over 39,000 active employees.

(Bank Employee Statistics Board) National Bank of Iran to enforce the rules that are most prominent with the seventy important aspects of distinguishing the Islamic banking system and banking system in today's world Determine the elimination of usury from the banking system and economic system of the country and the use of funds. Banks and people's deposits have been able to take effective and productive steps to drive economic growth for the deprived and create equity and equity in the community through the efforts of their trusted and professional staff.