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The emergence and development of 3D printing technologies in recent years and the dramatic advances in 3D printing materials have made 3D printing products soon to be found in people's homes.

Buying 3D printers is a way to get into the 3D printing world, but the price of advanced printers may not be very affordable for the home consumer. So 3D printing services can help a great deal to make this technology epidemic.

2DFAST is the first 3D printing online ordering service in Iran. At 3DFAST, we strive to bring our compatriots into the world of 3D printing at the lowest cost by enhancing the quality of production and raw materials and utilizing the latest 3D printing technologies.

Upload your 3D file to use 3DFAST services and after our expert review and printing fee, your model will be sent to one of the print servers and sent to you after printing.

3D printing school can also provide you with good information about modeling, 3D printing materials and technologies. You can also join our manufacturers if you want to make money from 3D printing.