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Given the importance of design recently in all areas of business including branding, social networking, ui / ux and so on, it is important for employers to be able to recognize designers and have a more open vision for collaborating with them. Also, creative and empowered designers need an opportunity to recognize and present their capabilities to organizations.

As a bridge between designers and employers, dopro seeks to identify and introduce young, motivated and creative designers to organizations so they can collaborate more effectively.

 To this end, it provides services such as aggregation to designers and organizations that after the project has been submitted, the client receives designs from various designers so that the designers have the opportunity to participate in projects that they wish to participate in.

 The employer can also get a maximum of creativity and innovation, in addition to allowing designers to have a personal page in Dupro, including the contact information, resume, portfolio and other information they need to present themselves. Use it as your personal page.

We hope that by providing these services we will take an effective step to enhance the designers' empowerment and recognition as well as address the need for organizations to have competent and competent design.