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Clickyab (Atlas Beam Asia) was founded in May 2012, a fast-growing, young business click finder that displays more than 2 billion ads per month.

We provide innovative and creative solutions for advertisers and publishers on the web and mobile platforms.

Clickyab has +1 employees in various offices in Tehran, as well as our premier business partner, +1 sales experts in 4 buildings across Tehran and Karaj.

 Based on the size of the ad market, Click Finder is one of the largest digital advertising technology companies in Iran.

Clickyab has defined its mission of creating the most effective digital advertising technology and making it accessible to the public. 

We strive to break boundaries and create new opportunities to create an efficient and cost-effective product that will benefit all stakeholders.

At Clickyab we believe in a win-win relationship with publishers and ad banners. To get the most revenue for publishers and the best advertising results for advertisers.