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Chilivery Collection of New Iranian Business Brands during its activity has been able to order food online through apps and websites from more than 3,000 restaurants in Iran.

 With just a click and your neighborhood you can see a selection of the best restaurants around.

 Next to the name of the restaurant you can see user reviews and ratings for each restaurant, the price level of the restaurant's food and the duration of the meal, and by selecting the appropriate restaurant you can see the updated restaurant menu and the price of the food along with the suggested menu of each restaurant consisting of high-end dishes. Be a fan of the menu you want.

 This means you no longer need to collect multiple menus and subscriptions, just subscribe to Chilivery! The variety and number of restaurants in different areas, fast and good support, convenient app and website usage, 20 hours a day service, has made Chilivery a popular service over the past two years.