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beporsim , it is the result of months of studies, reviews, and efforts that have been ongoing to implement and implement this idea in Iran, and to apply it to Iranian users.

But what is the idea? The curious human mind has always sought to find the best ways and ideas by examining the tastes and opinions of others.

For this reason, tens and hundreds of surveys and questionnaires are conducted daily so that by examining the community and the samples, others know about everything.

Because it is only by relying on collective wisdom that we can have a prosperous and prosperous society.

The idea came into being in year 3 and after several months of collective study its nature was designed to play a major role in improving the quality of life for the people, and it needs the help and assistance of our good compatriots.

Implementation and provisioning in the ask was due to the nature of the startup time, and of course this delay was able to improve the project on several different benchmarks and provide a complete and benchmarked project.

 You may have always been asked what other people think about events and things and everything related to lifestyle.

 Ask to ask users what they think about consumer products, events, lives, behaviors, interests and preferences, and in general any event around them to analyze and summarize them.