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Aria Mall was found by Naser Shahverdi in 2015 (Jan).

 The main project was born from an idea long time ago and finally has registered in : Amir Kabir University of Applied Science and Technology(Tehran,Iran) under name : Designing and Development of an Online Virtual Mall. 

Aria Mall is an online virtual mall and our goal is to help people find and buy merchandise online

. Ria Mall was founded in 2015 by Nasser Shahverdi Aria Mall is a secure platform for users to access quality domestic and foreign brand suppliers. 

You can use online shopping and trust the Ariamall Group easily by reviewing and comparing the authenticity and quality of its product easily Aria Mall has contracts with renowned domestic and foreign brands and companies to satisfy and prevent customer satisfaction Offers unnecessary city travel and traffic and air pollution.

 Aria has specialized markets to make it easier to review and select your goods