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Parsian Bank Data Group Inc. (JSC) has been registered in the Register of Companies and Non-Commercial Enterprises of Tehran on 02/27/2017 under No. 454285. The main headquarters of the company is located in Tehran, Quds (West), North Flamak Street, 4th Floor, Ariyo Building, 4th Floor

The topic of data group activity

The most important topics of business activity under Article 2 of the Statute include providing mid-term and long-term strategic and policy recommendations in the areas of software, hardware and information technology to subgroups, as well as formulating the necessary standards and standards and monitoring their proper implementation. The topic of company loyalties is summarized in the following topics:

Formulate necessary proposals for long-term and medium-term strategies, policies and programs for software and hardware and information technology within the framework of relevant regulations.

Approval of comprehensive software and hardware and information technology projects in the field of company activities

Developing standards and standards related to the design, establishment, development, maintenance and operation of software and hardware and information technology networks in subsidiaries and monitoring their proper implementation

Obtain any loans and financial facilities from domestic and foreign sources

Manage, develop and finance and optimize the use of these resources through the turnover between companies and subsidiaries

Attracting domestic and foreign capital to develop and advance the activities of companies and subsidiaries

Participate in and invest in industrial, commercial and domestic or foreign services related to the subject matter of operating within the framework of laws and regulations

Review, study and other measures necessary for the development of technology, transfer of technical knowledge and information in the fields of software, hardware and information technology in the field of corporate duties

Support the development of educational and research activities in specialized areas related to telecommunication and information technology and support the training of specialist companies needed

Supporting research and scientific activities and human resource development and other effective factors in improving corporate management and productivity

Preparing companies (subsidiaries) for sale within the framework of relevant laws and regulations

Creation, dissolution, transfer, reorganization, and transfer of duties and manpower of subsidiaries within the framework of relevant laws and regulations

Membership and participation in regional and international specialized associations and bodies in compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Establishment of technical, scientific and commercial exchange of information as well as financial relations between companies and subsidiaries

In accordance with the regulations and in accordance with all formalities, perform all activities and activities that are necessary or useful for the accomplishment of the purposes and subject matter of the business, whether directly or indirectly. (All of the above if required after obtaining the necessary permissions)

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