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What is PIIN? 

PIIN is a startup team with the presence of graduates from the most authentic universities in the country. The members of this startup with brilliant experiences gained by working in the field of startups aim to by accumulating of funds, training startups networking experts, and collaborating on the creation of a link between industry and academia, take an effective step in the development of entrepreneurship in the country. 

Services of PIIN: 


PIIN by gathering information and proficiencies of experts and introducing them to companies and startup teams which may have a demand aims to accelerate the growth and the progress of these teams. It also by holding educational courses for experts and volunteers for working in this field tries to enhance their knowledge and skills.  


One of the PIIN’s activities is to gather funds and investors for companies and startup teams. To meet this goal, PIIN has provided a database for startups and investors. In this way, investors can have the chance of supporting companies and startup teams through money, information and appraisal.


PIIN by holding educational courses and events aims to create a link between universities and industry which will result in support of ideas and industrial plans.  



PIIN by having a team of experts of advertising can provide services as below: 

Teaser making, Branding, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Website and application design, and Consultation.


PIIN by supporting and holding events and group meetings tries to create a link between active people in the field of startups. Hamfekr and PIIN Talk are two of these activities.  


PIIN’s Goal: 

The main goal of PIIN is to provide a database for startups and create a collaboration between them and other sectors of society. To meet this goal, PIIN tries to educate people active in this field and provides the ground for their development and growth.  


PIIN’s Activities: 

Collaboration on holding SME startup events with participation of Qazvin Azad University and Qazvin industrial estates. 

Collaboration on holding Unilever’s Chain Reaction and HR Breakfast events.  

Making promotional teaser for Qazvin industrial estates and Firooz Company. 

Documentary for Alborz Industrial Group. 

Making promotional teaser, 3DMAX, Graphic Design, Content Production and Industrial Photography for Mahak Company.  

Industrial Photography for Dorati Company. 

Digital Marketing for Setareh talaei entertainment complex and Mahak Company. 

Graphic Design for Tibone restaurant, Soor Café, Mahak Company and Mahtab Cinema.