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'ostad kar' is the online service market; A place to find well-known professionals. Master as a reference for home and building services, Facilitates access to specialists and repairers Satisfying you with price transparency and service quality.

Registration is free of charge at the master The service charge will be paid to the specialist upon completion of the work.

 Many services can include free expert advice and ostad kar advice To make a better decision about what to do.

You will also be charged the price for each service before you start work.

Being able to review the ratings of the experts and the opinions of the people who have used the service will help you choose the best person for the job.

ostad kar covers a wide range of home, building, home, car, health and beauty services. You can get the best repairers and professionals to do whatever you need help with. 

Part of the ostad kar's services include painting, building restoration services, building services, ceramic tile, false roofing, home cleaning services, water and wastewater plumbing, package repair, water heater repair, wiring and electrical work, drainage and drainage. ...